2020 Registration is now open for:

 Please read the following carefully before you register:

1. You will need to set up a profile first. You can add family members. Once that's done, the system will remember your information and you can just add programs in the future.

2. There is no "shopping cart" in this system, so you will unfortunately find that you need to make multiple payments.

3. You will notice that the Canoe Kayak Canada insurance fee, which was normally embedded in the total fees, is now charged separately. The good news though is that you only have to pay it ONCE per participant. So if you register for two weeks of Canoekids, you only pay the CKC fee one time.

4. All youth and adult paddlers, including Canoekids participants, are required to become members in order to satisfy insurance requirements. We have kept the rates low and adjusted the program fees in consideration of this. Youth members (including Canoekids) must also have one parent join as a member. Again, this is a once-a-year fee so families with multiple participants get a break here (this replaces the multi-child discount we used to have).

5. Adult and junior members not in programs can purchase boat storage as an add-on when they register as members.

6. The waivers, including the added COVID waiver, are really long, and bilingual. There are checkboxes partway down as well as at the end - don't miss them!

7. At the moment the system does not seem to be generating confirmation emails. For now, you will receive a screenshot from our Treasurer as a confirmation. We are just waiting for a system tech to fix this from their end.

Please let us know if you have any difficulties or questions. Looking forward to seeing everyone back on the water!